Oxygen Bars specialize in the recreational use of 90% pure oxygen to naturally improve mental, physical and overall health. Americans each day only breath 21% of Earths natural atmospheric content of oxygen. As a result many people experience the symptoms of oxygen deprivation. Studies show Oxygen Therapy has many health benefits such as improving mental clarity, hangover symptoms, sinus problems, high stress levels, low energy levels and alertness.   

Oxygen Treatments

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out any necessary paperwork


Hangover Treatment

Rehydration and detoxification of free radicals. Speeds the healing process of the toxic metabolic products of alcohol. This removes that dreadful sick feeling. Close to 100% effective to get you feeling better and productive agian!

Session Time | 30min

Price | $30.00 


Energy Treatment

The combination of oxygen and 100% organic essential oils that help restore the bodies natural energy levels. This treatment improves overall physical health and mental clarity. Giving you a boost of energy.  

Session Time | 30min

Price | $30.00


WELLNESS Treatment

This treatments provides you with a dose of pure oxygen and 100% organic essential oils. This allows your body to restore healthy oxygen levels to the brain. Alleviating high levels of stress, anxiety, head pain and nausea.

Session Time | 30min

Price | $30.00


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