Winter Skin Guide


Winter Skin Guide



The month of December is all about how to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. 

There’s a simple reason why your face ends up feeling dry and tight in the winter: 

“Quite simple, your skin doesn’t like the cold because it makes keratin stiff and less flexible,”

says Dr. John Gray, author of The World of SkincareWhich explains why keeping it hydrated is so important.

Not everyone will need to increase moisture in the winter. If you do notice your skin is becoming particularly dry and flaky, switch to an intensive balm for dry skin or up how many times you moisturize during the day. 

To ensure skin never begins to feel dry and tight for a true 24-hour solution, try Dermalogica's intensive moisture balance.

And don’t just think because it’s winter that you don’t need to use a sunscreen either. While your skin might not burn in December, it’s still prone to the sun’s aging UVA rays at this time of year. To keep the crow’s feet at bay, use a moisturizer containing a sunscreen like our Dermalogica’s Daily Defense SPF15.

If you’re worried about a pale winter complexion, now’s the time to apply a little Tom Ford Bronzing Gel, which gives skin some instant but subtle color.


How to achieve the perfect shave in 4 easy steps


How to achieve the perfect shave in 4 easy steps

How to achieve the perfect Shave

Do you ever wonder what it takes to get that perfect shave? Well here are 4 easy steps that can help you reach your goal towards perfect grooming.


Step one

Prepare the skin: It's best to shave after you shower because the skin is naturally cleansed and moisturized. The first thing you want to do is apply a pre-shave oil, this helps to create a barrier between the skin and the blade while keeping the skin moisturized preventing razor burn or any irritation.


Step two

Lather up: Next, you want to lather the beard with a premium shaving cream, and or hot lather. To do this you can use a shaving brush or hand, applying in a circular motion causing the pores to expand.This allows for a closer experience once you begin the shaving process.


Step three

Shave: Now you are ready to shave, once your skin has been fully lathered and exfoliated. The first pass, its recommended to go with the grain of the beard to prevent any forms of skin irritation. Once completed, follow up by going across or against the grain for the second pass allowing for the closest shave leaving you with silky smooth skin! 

  • Tip: (Re-lathering before the second pass, followed by stretching the skin during a shave. Helps provide for closeness, while keeping the skin moisturized preventing any dryness or roughness during the shave)


Step four

Moisturize: For the final step, rinse off your face with cold water and apply a premium after shave moisturizer. This can be done using an aftershave creme or balm that aides in re-conditioning the skin to keep it soft and healthy. It's best to use your fingertips to apply the aftershave balm using a downward slapping motion that way you don't cause irritation to the skin.

  • Tip: (It's best to stay away from any alcohol based aftershave balms or lotions. This can actually enhance any irritation to the skin while stripping the moisturizing components )


The New Era Of Grooming

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The New Era Of Grooming


Though it's conceptual origins can be traced back to the 18th century, American Shave was born 2012 in sunny Sarasota, Florida as the result of inspiration and desire to revive century old classic barbering methods with a modern touch. At its earliest development the brand embodied a belief that past is truly present re-writing the status quo how men receive grooming services. With the determination to free all barriers and boundaries that confine men from looking their absolute best. Not only do we offer elite shaves with our skilled tonsorial artists; we master in haircut, skin, and massage. American Shave represents change and progression and is proud to be in the forefront of the men's grooming industry. Our Vision is simple, a place created by men for men where all are welcomed to experience the latest in men's wellness. Whether you need advice from our expert barber, massage and skin professionals or you just need to stock up on grooming supplies American Shave will always provide you with the best experience. Not only did we create a home for men we created a lifestyle to go along with it, let us show you what REAL grooming is all about.

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Sarasota Day City Guide Article


Sarasota Day City Guide Article



Described as a barber shop and spa, American Shave, according to Justin Rosado, will, “be a place just for men, created by men. Here, no-one is going to judge you or criticize you about what you want. This is an exclusively male environment.”

Men just want a good haircut with no extras and no added frills, right? Get in, get out, and be on their merry way. 

But that time honored tradition has seen a remarkable turnaround recently, with rugged gruffness giving way to a male gender reassessment. Suddenly, it dawned on men that a visit to the barbers could offer much more than a shave and a quick trim. 

And it was this principle that led business partners Justin Rosado and barber Nick Finley to the conclusion that Sarasota needed just such a place, and after a gestation period of almost five years, American Shave finally opened its doors 10 months ago.

Described as a barber shop and spa, American Shave, according to Rosado, will, “be a place just for men, created by men. Here, no-one is going to judge you or criticize you about what you want. This is an exclusively male environment.”

For Nick Finley, American Shave is the culmination of his tonsorial talent, ambition and foresight. 

Originally from Englewood, by the age of 16 Finley had both his barber’s license and his own barbershop. But Sarasota beckoned, and in 2011 he met Rosado and business plans were hatched.

“I consider myself a traditional barber,” explained Finley. “But I always wanted to open a barbers that offered more than a haircut. I knew I had the skill set, it just took about five years to realize my dream.”

Apart from haircuts, American Shave also offers massages, waxes, and facials. However old habits die hard, and as Rosado explains, there has to be an element of reinterpretation as to traditional descriptions.

“It wasn’t so long ago that the words ‘men’ and ‘facial’ were never seen together,” he laughed. “Men don’t say to their friends, ‘Hey, you wanna go for a facial today?’ That’s not in any conversation… yet. So, instead of saying facial, we say ‘skin detail.’ Or instead of waxing, we describe it as ‘hair removal.’ By simply changing a description, our customers will be more susceptible to the idea of a foot detail instead of a mani-pedi.”

As for massages, Rosado offers his own insight into the masculine mindset. 

“Men are not too particular when it comes to having a massage,” he said. “As long as it’s relaxing. But men have more of a, ‘I want a massage, and I want it now’ attitude. They don’t want to wait. What I hope for is that they’ll they come in for a haircut and say, ‘You know what? I think I’ll have a massage, too.’”

“It’s funny that men are still intimidated, Rosado continued. “It’s as if there’s a barrier preventing them from wanting to treat themselves. But that barrier is breaking down.”

With plans to open another American Shave in downtown Sarasota, both Finley and Rosado are overwhelmed by the success of their endeavor. Citing increased client lists and an impressive uptick in repeat bookings, the partnership is justifiably proud.

I never anticipated a place like this to be so popular,” said Rosado. “Nick and I have surpassed our expectations; American Shave offers a lifestyle that allows men to indulge themselves. We hope that will never change.”